Symposium 2019

Who Will do the Work? Labor, People of Color, and the Future

Last year's symposium centered around people of color and representation in the workforce. Through panel discussions and other activities, we asked:  

1) Do the policies we promote in the workplace match the policies we practice?

Across sectors, institutions champion meaningful policy change. Their mission statements include buzzwords like “equality” and “inclusion.” But are these values prevalent in their own practices? This panel will bring together leaders from the nonprofit, foundation, technology and government sectors to discuss whether institutions’ public messaging aligns with their internal practices. Speakers will reflect on sector-wide issues, discuss the effects on people of color in the workplace and examine best practices for fostering more equitable institutions.

2) As the economy changes, what does the future for communities of color look like?

Automation, artificial intelligence, big data - the nature of work is changing. While technological innovation has the power to reshape entire industries and increase prosperity, too often it leaves communities of color of behind. This panel will explore the trends shaping the future of work and the economy as well as what it will take to ensure people of color have a seat at the table.

3) Technology, Work, and Political Resistance

What is the future of work we want to see? How do we craft it? Technology is shaping the future of work, but so can we. This panel will discuss how digital technologies harm and help different types of workers in their daily lives, and the evolving role of labor movements to build an equitable future of work.