Session 1:

Political Participation, Representation and Power

How do people of color translate representation into power?

The US Congress is the most racially and ethnically diverse it has ever been, but this representation dovetails with a rise in white nationalism and state violence towards people of color. How do we reconcile these trends? This panel will bring together elected officials, organizers, and political changemakers to discuss how they participate in the political process to represent, empower, and serve communities of color.

Session 2:

Art of Politics

How is art a vehicle for achieving social change?

Art can and has always been a form of political discourse. Across the world, artists have used their creative channels to highlight, comment on, and criticize politics and policy. As such, artists and writers have opened up a new form of political communication centered around social activism. This panel will bring together artists and writers to discuss how art has been a vehicle for political movements and civic engagement worldwide.