History of Themes

Year Title Co-Chairs

Spring 2022

Thinking Beyond Borders and About Transnational Solidarity

Guillermo Herrera-Nimmagadda, Amina Johari, and Nausheen Rajan

Spring 2021

Accountability Before Unity

Clarke Wheeler, Sofia Ramirez,

Harshita Rallabhandi,

Liza Paudel, Fatima Khan, Meghana Mungikar

Spring 2020

Political Representation in the Time of COVID-19

Spogmay Ahmed

Ashwin Warrior

Spring 2019

Who Will do the Work? Labor, People of Color, and the Future

Amn Nassir, Julieta Cuellar

Spring 2018

“What Wall?: Overcoming Real and Perceived Barriers,

Lauryn Williams, Marcelo Norsworthy, Seleeke Flinga

Spring 2017

Solidarity and Resistance: Connecting the Past, Present and Future

Milan Reed, Simone Webster

Spring 2016

Revolution and Reform:  Balancing Approaches to Envisioning and Implementing Institutional Change

Karli Bryant, Renato Rocha

Spring 2015

Seizing the Moment:  Social Activism and Policy-Making in the Wake of Ferguson

Shasti Conrad, Ricky Hurtado

Spring 2014

Amplifying Voices of Color: How to Be Heard When No One is Listening

Seyron Foo, Pierina Sanchez

Fall 2012

(Re)Balancing the Scales: Supporting Economic Mobility in Unequal Times

Chris Johnson, Angelo Sandoval

Fall 2011

The 40th Anniversary of the War on drugs and the Impact on Communities of Color

Christina Henderson, Kim Harris

Fall 2010

Perspectives on Policy Reform and the Impact on Communities of Color

Evan LeFlore, Diego Aragon

Fall 2009

Hope and Change:  Communities of Color and the New Administration

LaSean Brown, Lyan Pernala

Fall 2008

From the Margin to the Mainstream:  The Changing Face of Leadership

Andy Wong, Jessica Buendia

Fall 2007

Defining Leadership in Communities of Color:  Opportunity, Responsibility and Accountability

Symposium Co-Chairs -Audrey Diaz, Donna Meidl-Estacio

Fall 2006

The Changing Face of the US:  Citizenship, Identity and New Challenges for Communities of Color

Ronald Chatters, III, Eric Mikanda

Fall 2005

Serving Communities of Color - Re-evaluating our Responsibilities

Symposium Co-Chairs: Jessica Colón, Thu Nguyen, Suman Sureshbabu

Fall 2004

Rising Through Education:  Forging Paths to Leadership, Scholarship, and Community Engagement

Fatema Gunja, Gillian Morejon

Fall 2003

Mobilizing Communities of Color:  Personal Actions, Political Change

Agenda Co-Chairs:  Han Kang, Claudia Flores-Somera

Fall 2002

Choices and Challenges:  A Journey Toward Change 

Dawn Hewett, Fernando Cazares

Fall 2001

Old Challenges, New Realities:  Progress for People of Color

Symposium Agenda Co-Chairs:  Genevieve Aguilar,  Eddie Gutierrrez

Fall 2000

From Access to Action:  Building Momentum for the New Millennium

Mark Ng, Maria Kirby

Fall 1999

No Specific Theme

Tasha Harris, Azad Oommen

Fall 1998

No Specific Theme

Planning Committee Members (no record of co-chairs)

Fall 1997

No Specific Theme

Working Groups (no record of co-chairs)

Fall 1996

No Specific Theme

Ed Bullard, Jeff Prieto, Veronica Rosales, Hein Tran