Edward P. Bullard Distinguished Alumnus Award

In recognition of the many contributions of the late Edward P. “Buddy” Bullard, III. Awarded annually to a Woodrow Wilson School alumnus who works professionally with communities of color and who serves as a mentor to current students of color at the Woodrow Wilson School


Edward P. Bullard received a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Howard University in 1988. He entered the Woodrow Wilson School to pursue a MPA in 1995 on a Karl E. Prickett Scholarship and specialized in domestic policy. In the years in between, he co-founded the Renaissance Real Estate Institute, which provides technical assistance and community and economic development information to urban residents in New York, Washington, DC, and Maryland. He served as Director of the Blackham School Community Lighthouse in Bridgeport, CT where he designed and operated after-school and summer programs for students in grades K-12. He later worked as a planning coordinator for the NEU East End Community Board, Inc., where he helped to develop and promote community empowerment. He also volunteered as a youth mentor with the Bridgeport Board of Education and participated in Project Blueprint, a United Way training course that trains leaders to serve on local non-profit boards of directors. While at Princeton, he took a middle year out to intern on Capitol Hill in the Office of Senator Christopher J. Dodd (CT). 

In addition to working to recruit students of color to the Woo, Edward served as the catalyst for the first Students and Alumni of Color Symposium. As Assistant Dean John Templeton explains, Edward "planted the seed for an annual meeting of alumni and students of color, envisioning a weekend where alumni could share their expertise about their careers and begin to mentor students toward making successful career choices."

Edward passed away on January 5, 1998, while on medical leave from Princeton, but his legacy at the Woo remains. The Symposium has become a school tradition, bringing alumni and students together in a vibrant and inspiring way.

Award Criteria

The award is to be given to a Woodrow Wilson School alumnus (either graduate or undergraduate alum, regardless of ethnic background) who has served as an exemplary mentor to WWS students and/or students in his/her community and is thus, an inspiration to students of color at the Woodrow Wilson School.

Award Recipients

2003 – Jeffery M. Prieto, MPA-URP '97

2004 – Carmen Twillie Ambar, MPA 94 

2005 – Julius Coles, MPA '66

2006 – Robert Gordon, III, MPA '89

2007 – Vivien Li, MPA MPA-URP '83

2008 – Lisette Nieves, MPA '01

2009 – Dr. DeAngela Burns-Wallace, MPA '98

2010 – Joaquin Tamayo Jr., MPA '04

2011 – Ronald C. Brady, MPA '92

2012 – Richard Roper, MPA '71

2013 – (SAOC moved from Fall to Spring - none held in Fall)

2014 – James Gadsden, MCF '85

2015 – Christopher Owens, MPA-URP '98

2016 – José Quiñonez, MPA '98 

2017 – Nusrat Choudhury, MPA '06

2018 – Laura Taylor-Kale, MPA '03

2019 – Maribel Hernández Rivera, MPA '10